YouTube Videos Credits Management Software

Create transparency, level-up your YouTube channel, and give the people the recognition they deserve.

MultiChannels Credits

You can manage any number of channels within one account.

Regular Credits

Add the regular credits once, and we take care of the rest.

People Promotion

Give your staff and sponsors another channel of promotion.

Extra promotion out of the box

CreditsTube is a great tool for promoting your YouTube channels. Your Credits will be available for search engines and our Explore page.

Add a new life to your videos, make them more visible on search engines, easily explorable by CreditsTube visitors. Elevate your videos guests, staff, sponsors.

Having a CreditsTube account will make your channel attractive to sponsors as they will get an extra medium where they will get promoted in when they sponsor your videos.


With our Bulk Editor and Regular Credits, managing your CreditsTube account is a breeze. For your past videos, you can use the bulk editor to filter videos and assign credits by once. Do you appear in every video on your channel? No problem, just add yourself as a Regular Credit and we will take care of adding you to any future video.


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